The Road to Financial Freedom: Becoming an Insurance Advisor

Financial freedom is a state where individuals are able to handle their expenses since they have enough income resources that allow them not to be dependent on others. The relevance of this idea has become so crucial in the nation that many of the young people now seek to become their own boss. Now, there can be a myriad of ways to attain financial freedom; however, one can find lucrative opportunities in the insurance industry in terms of point of sale (PoSP) or Becoming an Insurance Advisor.

Who’s a PoSP?

A PoSP is an insurance salesperson who represents one or multiple insurance companies. They usually work with reputed insurance brokers. They are responsible for explaining the insurance policies to people who are seeking to purchase the right insurance policy. To become a PoSP insurance agent means that you will cater to the needs of potential buyers, ranging from life insurance to health insurance to motor insurance. Now let us delve into why you should become a PosP advisor.

Potential benefits

Since the IRDAI permitted PoSPs to offer insurance products with the appropriate licence or certification, their importance has increased. It’s become a very profitable career path because you may start your own business in an industry that’s expected to be worth $400 billion by 2030. Therefore, you get several benefits when you become a PosP insurance agent.

One is that you become your own boss by working for yourself. You have your own set schedule, your own targets, and your own convenience. Another benefit is getting a stable income. PoSPs are able to earn pre-defined commissions as well as commissions that are set by the regulatory body, IRDAI. Moreover, if you are able to create a good customer base, you can create a lucrative income stream. With a zero investment, you will have the potential to earn a high income. This career path will pave the way for you to become financially independent. So, how can an individual become a PosP advisor?

Becoming a PoSP

In a bid to become a PoSP insurance agent, the criteria are quite basic. One must be over 18 years of age and have passed the 10th grade. They can enrol in a 15-hour training programme provided by a reputed insurance broker and clear the online examination. After this process, you will gain certification, which will enable you to sell policies in various categories, such as life insurance, health insurance policy for family, accidental insurance, home insurance, and more. A PoSP licence is more comprehensive than a regular insurance advisor licence. Therefore, one must choose to become a POSP to work as an insurance advisor.Now, if you have decided to set your foot on the path of financial freedom and become a PoSP advisor, you will need to connect with a reputed broker. In this regard, Policy Ensure can be the one that can provide you with this lucrative opportunity.

Unlock financial freedom with Policy Ensure.

Policy Ensure can provide you with an immense number of options and the ability to help you achieve financial freedom if you are seeking to become a PoSP insurance agent. The best part is that, once you grasp all the possibilities this domain has to offer, getting started is actually fairly easy. Also, there are many advantages to choosing Policy Ensure as your PoSP provider; these include no initial investments, free training that complies with IRDAI regulations, flexible work schedules, and access to the PHYGITAL platform for remote or work-from-home (WFH) situations. Additionally, you have the chance to receive professional training in a variety of areas, including health insurance policy for family, general insurance services, and more, all of which can help you succeed as a PoSP insurance agent.

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