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Accidental Insurance

The best accidental insurance policy covers the loss of life, limb or general disablement caused due to an accident while traveling. An Accident Insurance policy is crucial and a must-have for those who travel frequently for work.

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Benefits of Accidental Insurance

Following are five major benefits of the best accidental insurance policy.

  • Accidental death :
    If the policyholder dies in an accident, then his/her nominee gets death compensation. The family is financially secure in this situation, in case the deceased person was the sole bread-earner of the family.
  • Permanent total disability :
    In an accident at times, despite getting required medical aid , the victim becomes disabled for his/her entire life. Then the accident insurance cover pays a certain amount to the victim depending upon the nature of the disability. Other disabilities covered under the policy cover are loss of speech, loss of vision in both eyes, and hearing loss in both ears.
  • Permanent partial disability :
    This is applicable in a situation where a person has partially lost his/her hearing in only one ear or suffered eyesight loss in only one eye. Or, other situations could be that the policyholder has lost a finger, a thumb, or even a hand. In all these cases, the policyholder is eligible for compensation and can ask the insurer for a claim.
  • Transportation benefit :
    Some insurers also provide transportation benefits to a family. For example, the person who is insured is admitted in a hospital that is about 150 km far from his home. The immediate family member will have to incur certain transportation expenses to reach the hospital. The insurance covers these expenses up to a maximum of Rs 50,000.
  • Further benefits :
    The accidental insurance also covers other things like education and employment benefits, and funeral expenses. The insured also get coverage for hospital charges, including ambulance costs.

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