Policy Ensure
Serendipity plays its role…
When in 2016, two brilliant corporate professionals with almost 3 decades of experience got into talks ‘to mean business with big picture’ in a game changing way.

And all happened by chance!

2017 came .. Policy Ensure took birth for good ..

Since then, Policy Ensure has taken insurance business to a new dimension all together paving way to a BHAVI BHARAT, in which not only everyone is insured but also empowering self-employment in insurance business by harnessing demographic dividend of great India.

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Road to Cover
  • To Reach small towns in tier 2/3 cities of India.
  • To reach 250+ distribution points in towns with population more than 2.5 lacs in Pan India.
  • To upgrade skill and create 25k + digitally savvy Insurance Entrepreneurs by 2026.
  • Impacting lives of millions by securing their assets and health through insurance cover and also Ensure Motor Insurance.
  • Creating a network of Insurance Entrepreneurs.
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Walk the Talk

Policy Ensure solves the problem that tier 2 and 3 cities face in getting righteous insurance offerings by creating “PHYGITAL INSURANCE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK”.

Where :

PHYGITAL model has done wonders in transforming the way people think about insurance. It has also given opportunity to a number of young people to start their own business in insurance sector, thereby addressing the problem of unemployment as well in tier 2/3 cities making Policy Ensure to live up to- “Dream Big and Play Hard.”

With its futuristic outlook, Policy Ensure has recognized the disruptive transformation that insurance sector is going through and the impact that a self-driven network of over 25,000 young insurance entrepreneurs known as PoSP advisers may create. Policy Ensure entered the game with the purpose of broadening insurance coverage and introducing the insurance to every Indian in small city, town and village.

Policy Ensure is a Game Changer
“Insuring Bharat”

Policy Ensure is now 2LAC+ customer strong.

with 31 active locations and with ARR of 100 +Cr and with geographical presence at more than 5000+ PIN codes in 15 states of Bharat .

Tackling Unemployment with commercial sense:

In India, 19.4% of the population is educated, but they are unable to find work and support themselves. Many people’s lives were affected by the pandemic, as they were left jobless. So, Policy Ensure turned out to be the hope for livelihood for such folks as it not only provides insurance but also provides business opportunities to them by offering a platform where they can become PoSP advisors and work for themselves.

….. and that serendipity gave world the happiness, trust and opportunity called Policy Ensure 

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India Act 1999) has granted Hudson Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd a license with brand name Policyensure.com. With that license in place, Policy Ensure has the power to issue certifications to anyone interested in becoming a PoSP advisor.

Insurance Broker Certificate