Pankaj Vashistha
CEO & Co-Founder Policy Ensure
(Hudson Insurance Brokers)

Pankaj is one of the seasoned business brains behind the genesis of Policy Ensure in 2016 when it was just in an ideation phase.

Now as a CEO & Co-Founder of Policy Ensure, Pankaj is responsible for its impressive ramp-up in terms of regional presence, alliances, operational growth and strengthening of professional headcount/teams. Before Policy Ensure, he has been serving the corporate fraternity in multiple roles since 1991. That spans to more than 30 years of professional experience now. All this started, when he completed his graduation and embarked on his professional journey in hospitality sector moving onto office automation, consumer durables, insurance and telecommunications.

Co-Founder & Director at Policy Ensure
(Hudson Insurance Brokers)

The Insurance man Rahul, is a strategic go-to market brain behind Policy Ensure and a co-founder since its ideation phase in 2016.

Born and brought up in Lutyen’s Delhi and hailing from a political background family (with roots in Bihar), Rahul saw the India with a different lens of socio-economic development and the distinction between India and Bharat. Even in Policy Ensure he sees himself as a catalyst in creating a better/Swavalamb India with talented young entrepreneurs who could carve out a niche for themselves in the Indian insurance industry and propel it to new heights with the power of Digital.