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    In 2015, the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India) developed a new form of license for insurance advisors called a PoSP (Point of Sale Person). Insurance advisors work for a single firm and can only offer products from that company in a particular category, such as life or non-life insurance.

    Customers nowadays, however, have higher expectations: they want to know all of their alternatives and seek guidance from advisors on how to select the finest product. You can do this with a PoSP (Point of Sale Person) license or certification. As a PoSP, you’ll be able to sell products a variety of general insurance products. As a result, a PoSP license encompasses a broader scope than a standard insurance advisor license. Therefore most individuals now take insurance advisor career as a PoSP.

    How can you become a
    PoSP advisor?

    This is where Policy Ensure comes into play. Policy Ensure launched a mobile application and website,, for both aspiring and experienced insurance advisors to sell insurance plans. The insurance sector has benefited greatly from technological advancements and increased online accessibility.

    What used to be a time-consuming activity requiring an insurance advisor to meet with people one-on-one to sell insurance products, can now be completed in just a few taps with the Policy Ensure’s app.

    If you want to become a posp advisor, all you have to do is meet the IRDAI’s minimum educational requirements (10th-grade pass) and go through our training.

    To become a P0SP insurance agent, follow these simple steps.

    Benefits of being a Policy Ensure PoSP

    $400 Billion Dollar Industry is waiting for you.

    Become an entrepreneur in a $400 Billion industry by 2030

    Zero investment required for a million-dollar opportunity

    Free PoSP training under IRDAI guidelines

    Flexible working hours

    PHYGITAL platform for remote/work from home scenarios

    Earn a high income for yourself and your family

    Start earning at a young age and become independent

    Complete backend support for seamless working

    Hassle-free, instant, and paperless policy issuance

    Opportunity to work for 20+ insurance providers

    Get professionally trained on motor, health, accidental & many more insurance products
    Who can become a PoSP?

    College Students



    Business Person

    Documents Required To Become A PoSP Advisor
    • Educational Certificate, minimum 10th class Passed or Higher Degree Required.
    • Aadhar Card.
    • Pan Card.
    • Bank Details ( Passbook/ Cancel Cheque with clear name mentioned )
    • Passport size Photograph
    • Email Id and Mobile No.
    • Noc Certificate (if already associated with another Broker / Insurance Company  then you  have to provide a valid No Objection Certificate from your previous organization)