Co-Founder & Director

The Insurance man Rahul, is a strategic go-to market brain behind Policy Ensure and a co-founder since its ideation phase in 2016.

Born and brought up in Delhi and hailing from a family of freedom fighter’s (with roots in Bihar), Rahul saw the India with a different lens of socio-economic development and the distinction between India and Bharat. Even in Policy Ensure he sees himself as a catalyst in creating a better/Swavalamb India with talented young entrepreneurs who could carve out a niche for themselves in the Indian insurance industry and propel it to new heights with the power of Digital.

With almost three decades of experience (mainly in insurance), Rahul Meena Mishra could see the winds of change ahead of times as in how conventional insurance model needed a version upgrade through digital to simplify the insurance buying process for everyone while also ensuring grassroot level reach by having a local representative as digital business owner under PhyDigital model.

An MBA in international marketing with impressive tenures with big wigs of insurance like Reliance General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz, Cholamandalam and IFFCO-TOKIO, Rahul’s understanding of marketing insurance services gives him the right depth to look for the solution of how to boost the insurance market from its present meager level of approx. 3%.  And how to do it as a game changer to harness the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid with the potential to transform India, of self-sufficient and fully insured Indians.

To make it a reality, Rahul Meena Mishra left his corporate job to work on the mission “Ek karmath or Saksham Bharat.” He believes in power of networking as the net worth if driven by ideology of giver’s model of “work must be done with passion and heart”. He  often gets invited in various sessions to speak about insurance domain, insurance tech and future.

In all his professional stints and social appearances, Rahul has reiterated his belief of building alliances & partnerships as real investment that open doors for big opportunities sooner or later.  He even advises his team to live in the moment and do great things today in order to reap great timeless rewards in future.

Rahul is known for his ideology of Seva Bhavna rather than charity. When the pandemic hit us hard and everyone was advised to focus on own health and stay at home, he stepped out to help those in need, feeding needy and organizing oxygen concentrators.

He has been instrumental in inculcating same DNA in Policy Ensure for its commercial viability and yet being reckoned as a major building block in real Bharat.