CEO & Co-Founder

Pankaj is one of the seasoned business brains behind the genesis of Policy Ensure in 2016 when it was just in an ideation phase.

Now as a CEO & Co-Founder of Policy Ensure, Pankaj is responsible for its impressive ramp-up in terms of regional presence, alliances, operational growth and strengthening of professional headcount/teams. Before Policy Ensure, he has been serving the corporate fraternity in multiple roles since 1991.
That spans to more than 30 years of professional experience now. All this started, when he completed his graduation and embarked on his professional journey in hospitality sector moving onto office automation, consumer durables, insurance and telecommunications. He worked with some of the marquee names of corporate sector like Tata, Reliance, Gillette and more in different parts of India.

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Each of these stints gave him kaleidoscopic insights into the real India (the Bharat- tier 2/3 cities) with enormous business opportunities, availability of talent pool and the power of widely spread distribution network.

The instinct of ‘a travelling salesman’ remains a constant companion when he started his career and moved up the ladder to the leadership and strategic roles of building, running and growing any business unit with complete ownership of P&L. So much so that he was even called as a “back pack man” loaded with recognitions.

So, it was obvious for Pankaj to seek for high order professional growth in 2016 (after wearing multiple hats of responsibilities for different organizations) to venture his way as an entrepreneur to give life to Policy Ensure to turn around business opportunities that are still untapped in insurance sector at the bottom of pyramid.

His impeccable understanding of distribution network and building effective teams across this network is so much evident with tier-2/3 markets reckoning Policy Ensure’s business growth and enabling them to get series A-B funding to fuel its more than 100% growth (YoY) at sustainable level with still so much more potential to grow (with just 2-3% of Insurance penetration at industry level).

Born and brought up in Delhi while he worked across India, Pankaj continued to follow the school of thought that starting something will not result in a change, but the manner in which it is carried out will and not only who all will join you will decide the future course of success but also your ability to see the big picture.

His professional success and insatiable demeanor to do more comes from his belief in holistic well-being with fitness and positive affirmations to set the rhythm for the day and for the life. Not just for good health, but also as a path towards self-discovery by stretching limits to perform and to become more resilient with boundless energy to work and live to the fullest.